Welcome to our world. We’re Imily Bela: the brand mainly focuses on women's fashion wear.

Imily Bela has been dedicated to providing unique fashion products to consumers worldwide since 2020.  It is a Business To Customer (B2C) business model company.

In June 2021, "Imily Bela"  official Website of the online!

We are expanding our range to purchase many items in one the place is a pleasure. We believe style should be accessible to all, whatever your budget, as we deliver product inspired from the catwalk and the coolest muses of the moment.

Our girl knows she can trust in us for everything she needs from the latest trend-led pieces to celebrity inspired looks, to the everyday wardrobe staples and that ultimate party piece. Our team makes every effort to efficiently handle the ordering process. That's why in most purchases, already the days after the order is placed, you can enjoy the products you have chosen.

Our products are an edit of the top trends to create a modern, flexible wardrobe. With great fits, premium fabrics and impeccable details, each style is designed to help you express your style. Everyone will find something for everyone at an affordable price. We aim to inspire confidence in our customers when it comes to how they dress and present themselves to the world.


Company Name: Yiwu Jinfu Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.(义乌瑾富电子商务有限公司)

Company Address: Room 2301, Building 3, Zhongfu Building, Futian Street, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province(浙江省义乌市福田街道中福大厦3号楼2301室SL-00199)

Support Email: info@imilybela.com